“The kind of fasting that pleases me is sharing your food with the hungry.”

Isaiah 58:6

“She knows she has to do all things as if they are for God.”  

“Thank you for helping us with food and school supplies. My family and I are very grateful to the people that make possible this great support. My daughter is very moved to continue to be a better person, student, and good citizen. She knows she has to do all things as if they are for God. The rewards always come from heaven and they are manifested through people like you, of good heart.”  Sincerely Ralf and Liria, parents to Isis.  

What if this was your life?

The people start to arrive at the Casa at 6:00 am while it is still dark and cold. They circle around the sidewalks outside the Casa, shivering while waiting for the gate to open.  

This winter has been especially cold and rainy, and breakfast lines are extra long. The people need blankets and food to warm them.  The Casa is a place of refuge, spiritual solace, and friendship for the many men, women, and children who come here.

The people suffer from wind and cold weather, especially at night. They huddle together to try and keep warm.  The people living in the distant colonias outside the city are especially distressed due to our recent heavy rains and cold temperatures.  They have difficulty getting to and from their homes because of deep ruts and thick mud that make the unpaved roads nearly impassable.  The Casa is swamped with requests for extra FOOD, BLANKETS, and TARPS.

God working through your kindness — the kindness of many

We thank God for all who donate money to feed the hungry people, and for you who donate blankets, tarps, food, and warm clothing.  We are ever grateful for the blankets from Scripps ER delivered by Ron.

Westview High School student Troy collected two SUVs full of new blankets and warm clothing!  

Because of your goodness, Sister was able to purchase more blankets and some extra food for an outlying Colonia. The excitement was high as the Casa truck rolled into this far Colonia (in the dumps of Tijuana) to distribute new blankets and food;  this was after the muddy roads had dried enough to be passable.  Both children and adults ran to the truck to receive their precious gifts.  They felt loved, special, and remembered, thanks to you!

How you can help — for the need is unrelenting

  • BLANKETS, tarps
  • Warm jackets, socks (note that used clothing must be transported in private cars, so it must be worth transporting)
  • Children’s vitamins, baby Tylenol, non-prescription medicines for babies and children
  • Soap, towels, diapers

All used items are presorted by the Sisters at the storage unit in Chula Vista and transported in private autos, an arduous task.  Permits are required for everything, and used clothing is not allowed in the Casa truck.  

THANK YOU for your continued donations in these uncertain times.  We are grateful for YOU.  The Casa is a real-life example of the multiplication of the loves and fishes.  

“God is in charge and we are His helpers.”  Sr. Armida

Casa de Los Pobres USA has no overhead, except for the per-transaction PayPal and credit card fees.  Everything you contribute goes directly to help the people.  The Casa truck comes to 6432 Cardeno Drive, La Jolla, 92037 every Tuesday to pick up donations.  (We are starting to receive donations from all over Southern California — truly God at work, spreading the message about the needs.)