Christmas at the Casa

Christmas at Casa de Los Pobres

quiltsThe ladies of All Hallows parish in La Jolla, California spend each Tuesday during the year putting together over 100 quilts to distribute to the Casa at Christmas.  A quilt is each family’s prized possession!  (See how the youngest child in the photo clutches her quilt!)

scarvesJackie Horton (a Director of the Non-Profit USA Group) knitted hats and scarves for the children.

A special feature at the Casa each Christmas is the “Living Nativity” scene.  The people bring live animals to use in the scene.  nativity

Shoes, toys, a bag of groceries, and a blanket or quilt are given to each family.xmasgoodies


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  1. I see the address in the previous answers for the location to drop off the donations. Do I need to call in advance before I come? During what hours may I come?

  2. Hi/Hola,

    Thank you for the impact your team has been doing to the most in need. I was wondering if there are any restrictions because of COVID-19? I’m interested in donating things you guys have listed as “special requests items.” What things is the shelter needing most?
    I look forward too earing from your team.

    Thank you/Gracias- Elisabet

  3. Buenos Dias,

    me llamo Andrea Gramaccia y soy un hombre de italia y te escribo porquè serìa interesato de hacer voluntario en Tijuana y estoy buscando una posibilidad por hacerlo para 10 dias o algo asì. No es mucho tiempo però de verdad me gustaria muchisimo. Para la primera semana de Juno tengo dos bodas y deberia estar aquì en Italia però este son las única restricción que tengo. Obivamente queria saber que tipo de costos tienes eso (o si estan costos para apoyar porquè eso podria ser una otra restricción). Soy disenador de interiores, tengo 32 anos, casi 33 y ya hago voluntario en una asociacion pequena en mi ciudad en Italia y en esta asociacion nos ocupamos de dar comida y conforto a las persona que no tiene ni casa ni trabajo. Si quieres saber y dirme algo, por favor dejame saber!
    (lo siento por mi espanol que no es asì bueno però hablo ingles tambien, mejor de espanol)

    Gracias por darme atencion

    • Hola Andrea,
      Gracias por su mensaje sobre el voluntariado en la Casa de los Pobres en Tijuana, México. Los voluntarios son bienvenidos de lunes a viernes en la Casa. Las comidas se sirven de lunes a viernes, y la clínica está abierta durante la semana, junto con otros servicios. Gracias, Pat

  4. Hello,

    I have several bags of boys and girls clothes ranging in sizes between 3 Months and 8 Years. Do you take clothing donations? We much rather donate and make sure the clothing is going to children in need than to a corporation.

    • Thank you Isabelle for asking! Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to get used clothing across the border. Currently, we’re accepting only socks and warm jackets. Thank you again for contacting us.

  5. Hello,
    Our family is having a toy drive and we would like to donate them. Can we be part of the Christmas event and be there donating the toys? We would like to show our friends and motivate them to do it again next year.

    • Thank you for your interest in donating toys. The toys can be dropped off at 6432 Cardeno Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037. It would be helpful for the Sisters to see what you have collected, so they can get it sorted for easy distribution.

  6. Hi
    My church is interested in putting a toy drive together for kids at Casa, we have started to collect toys to give for Christmas, I was wondering do you have any such events for kids on Christmas ? Can our church put on something like this for the people of your community? Thank you for your time in advanced
    Your sister in Christ,
    Iris Padilla

    • Hi Iris,
      Thank you for asking! We do collect new, unwrapped toys for the children of the Casa each year. There is a day in December when all are invited to celebrate Christmas at the Casa, when the toys are handed out.

      The toys can be dropped off at 6432 Cardeno Drive in La Jolla 92037. Let me know if you need more information, and thank you again for your willingness to help!

  7. Is it possible to collect needed items here in States and drive over to personally deliver?
    If so, what items can we bring? $500 worth
    Thank you

    • Hi Carol,
      Thanks for asking! Taking new clothing and school supplies to the Casa should be no problem. The Casa can accept items Monday through Saturday. Delivering used clothing can be tricky. Having a lot of used clothing in the car, should you be stopped by the Mexican Border Guards, will be a problem. So best not to have the car too loaded. Place clothing in the trunk, best in luggage. You might bring bags to transfer the clothing into, once you get to the Casa. Thank you for thinking of the Casa.

    • Hi Yesenia, Thank you for asking. The special Christmas distribution is for those who apply in advance through the Casa’s Social Service office. Applicants who qualify are given special tickets for the distribution. If your family is in need, please visit the Casa’s Social Service office for help.
      Blessings to you and your family

  8. Hello, are you accepting prenatal vitamins? Will I be able to drop them off at the previously mentioned address: 6432 Cardeno Drive, La Jolla 92037?

  9. I have bags of Children’s and women’s clothing to donate. I would like to come in the beginning of December before the holidays. Can I drop them off in La Jolla, because I live in California? It’s over a 2 hour drive because I live north of Los Angeles.

    • Hi Sharona,
      Thank you for asking about donating clothing. At 6432 Cardeno Drive, La Jolla 92037, we gladly accept:
      – Women’s warm jackets and sweaters, but no other women’s clothing.
      – Men’s and children’s clothing — especially coats, jackets, sweaters, socks and shoes.
      Thank you for thinking of the Casa.

  10. We would love to go visits the Casa I am off for summer and will like to help and of course donate items – I all ready make my money donation but would love to visit – we live in San diego – when is the best time to go ?

    • Hi Janeth,
      Thank you for asking!
      The address of the Casa in Tijuana is: Calle Genova 6511 Col Altamira, C.P 2205 Tijuana, B.C. Mexico. The Casa is located on the top of 10th AVe., and is not very far from the border. If you’d like to help, volunteers can help serve breakfast starting at 7:30 am Monday through Friday. You can also help distribute groceries on Thursdays which is Bodega Day. The Casa is closed on Sunday, and also during the month of August for a thorough cleaning, repair work and vacations for the Sisters and workers. Thanks, Pat

    • Gracias por hacer esta buena pregunta. Todos y cada año la fecha de distribución es de 22 de diciembre. Al distribuir los regalos y comida temprano, las personas son capaces de instalarse y preparar su propia cena de Navidad en sus propias casitas humildes.

  11. I was there during the summer with my mom. It felt good to donate what we brought ourselves. For the many years I have been making it a point to drop off my items to the poor to help.

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