Share the GIFT with others who cry out for help

“This nation is affluent and has more than it needs. The realization that what we have is a free gift can deepen our desire to share the GIFT with others who cry out for help.”  Henri Nouwen

pediatricianMrs. Maritza Cortez, 32 years, came to the Casa recently to ask for help for some medical tests for her 12-year-old daughter. She is only in the 4th grade because her vision is very poor. Guadalupe lives with her parents and three brothers. Their little home is made of old pieces of wood and is situated in the railroad colonia. Last year, her doctors found that Guadalupe has Lumbar Sclerosis. The mother came to the Casa using public transportation. That trips takes two hours. She asked for help so that her daughter can have a test for this disease. The family is very poor. Casa de Los Pobres will help this family with scholarship aid so the younger children can go to school. The Casa also gave Mrs. Cortez a card to come on Thursday for food (Bodega Day).


The people living in the colonias outside the city are especially distressed due to our recent rains and cold temperatures in the mornings and evenings. They have difficulty getting to and from their homes because of deep ruts and thick dust that make the dirt roads nearly impassable.The struggle of these people for the basic necessities of life is unrelenting.

  • The Casa is swamped with requests for extra FOOD and BLANKETS.
  • We also request donations of children’s vitamins, baby Tylenol, and non-prescription items for babies and children.  Diapers and soap are needed.

Food, blankets, household items, linens, and toys all require permits to cross the border in the truck. Used clothing must be transported in private cars, so it must be worth transporting. While the Sisters work is difficult and tedious, they are models of patience and mirror God’s love in all they do.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS HELP.  The part-time Pediatrician in the Clinic is seeing an improvement in preventative care.

The Men, Women, and Children Say THANK YOU for Everything!

The people pray each day to thank God for the assistance your donations provide. 45 families contributed $14,507.25 in February, and we received 15 extra donations of $2,200 in memory of Father Gil’s beloved mother Juanita. She recently died in New Jersey at the age of 98 after a long and blessed life. Thank you also to those who gave blankets, jackets, sweaters, sweats, bedding, FOOD, and oranges.

We have NO overhead (except PayPal and credit card charges).  Everything contributed goes directly to help the people. The truck comes to 6432 Cardeno Drive in La Jolla every Tuesday to pick up donations.


February 2016 Report

  • 21,450 people of all ages were served hot meals in the Casa Dining Room
  • Many people received handouts of food daily
  • 1,360 General Medical Clinic and prescriptions filled
  • 2,400 bags of groceries were given
  • 1,290 families obtained clothes and house supplies
  • 570 people personally attended to in the Social Service Office
  • Groups came to do haircuts
  • A group of local high school students and someone from the island of Cyprus came to volunteer
  • 26 scholarship aids were given