“When Paul and Barnabas preached the Good News, their only stipulation was to be mindful of the poor”

Galatians 2:10


A Jesuit notice writes about his visit to a distant Colonia:  “We visited Dona Elma, a diabetic, who comes to the Casa when she can for food and medical help. This trip takes two buses and 45 minutes. She has problems seeing and walking. Her house is in a downhill ravine with a difficult and uneven path. I was saddened when I saw the situation in which she lives. The walls are falling apart, the roof doesn’t cover the entire home, and she needs to use a bucket as a toilet since the outhouse is no longer functional.”

“She receives very little help from the government and finds that going to the Casa de los Pobres is worth the difficulties. When she is able to make the trip, she obtains food and medical attention. I was amazed by her faith and joy. In spite of all this, Dona Elma does not lose her good spirits. She says she always tries to look at the bright side of things.”

JULY AND AUGUST: We need School Supplies for the Children — and FOOD

How can you help?  In July and August, we need:  colonia-distibution-2

  • Notebooks, pencils, pens, book bags, SOCKS, and NEW SHOES
  • URGENT:  non-perishable food of all types
  • URGENT:  bedding
  • WE welcome your backyard donations of extra fruit and vegetables

The Sisters encourage education and vocational training. The Casa Scholarship Program (bus money, uniforms, and a small tuition) helps serious students attend both primary and advanced schools.  Many of the students eat breakfast at the Casa and travel to school with full stomachs and clear heads.  For dedicated pupils, this always leads to a decent job which breaks the vicious cycle of poverty. It really happens!

The Sisters serve a hearty breakfast (7:30 to 10:30 am) of oatmeal made with milk, beans, and either meat or eggs, coffee and milk. They give out bags of food from the Bodega each Thursday. They serve bean burritos on Tuesday and Thursday and cheese burritos on Friday.  Occasionally, a few townspeople drop off small donations of food.  The sisters use everything!

Thank you for providing food and assistance for the poor

Your generous donations are acknowledged every day in the dining room where hungry men, women, and children thank God for YOU and the food you supply. Fifty-five families or individuals contributed $15,958.46 in June.

Everything donated is tax-deductible. We incur no overhead expense, all goes directly to the poor. The Casa truck comes to 6432 Cardeno Drive, La Jolla 92037 each Tuesday except in August.  Tax receipts are available upon request.

In June 2016:

  • 23,200 people of all ages were served hot meals in our Dining Room
  • Many people received handouts of food daily
  • 1,245 General Medical Clinic and prescriptions filled
  • 2,030 bags of groceries were given
  • 3,025 families obtained clothes, shoes, and house supplies
  • 375 people personally attended in Social Service Office
  • Groups came to do haircuts.
  • Other volunteers and Jesuit notices also came to help.
  • 26 Scholarship Aids given
  • Clinical Diabetes Workshop was presented