“If you can do good, do not put it off, because almsgiving frees us from death.”

St. Polycarp, Bishop

Gloria G., 30 years old, learned about Casa de los Pobres in mid-September, and she came to ask for help for her and her 10-year-old son. Her husband abandoned her six years ago, afraid of her advanced tuberculosis. In spite of this serious condition, with help of family and other people, she had treatment that saved her life, although she lost one of her lungs.

She continues to be under medical care; she suffers physical tiredness, so she cannot have a stable job. Frequently, she needs to be in the hospital. Doctors recommend a balanced diet to gain weight, but she cannot recuperate because she does not have the money to keep a nutritional diet. She learned to do some haircuts and nails and other simple things to be able to earn a little money to support her son who is in school. This summer, he worked in a supermarket bagging food, so he could buy his backpack and return to school. After listening to her story, the Casa offered her a card to come weekly for groceries on Bodega Day, shoes for her son, school supplies, and added her son to the scholarship aid list. Gloria was very surprised and very grateful to God for finding Casa de los Pobres.  

How you can help

Especially needed now:  student-gracias

  • Warm sweaters, jackets, socks
  • Blankets
  • FOOD
  • Multivitamins

As nights get colder, the warmth that food provides becomes critical for those in poor health.  Donations may be left at 6432 Cardeno Drive, La Jolla, CA.

From some children that received school supplies, “Thank you for the food you give us, the oatmeal with banana that was delicious, and thank you for the tennis shoes and for the new clothes and the school supplies.”  Anthony A. says: “I write this letter with gratitude to the persons that have offered these gifts of supplies for school as it is a great help for my parents. MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS (many big thanks) for this opportunity.”  















Generous and faithful donors to the Casa Mission this month provided $12,504,61. We also received a generous $1,500 to be allocated for shoes at Christmas. Thanks also for the contributions of bedding, food, and miscellaneous items, and to Ron Lussier for the blankets he collects regularly from Scripps ER.

Everything is tax-deductible; receipts are available upon request. We have NO overhead at Casa de los Pobres USA;  and no one who comes to the Casa in Tijuana for assistance is ever turned away.