Make Miracles this Christmas: “The man who truly loves God also loves his neighbor.”

St. Anthony Claret, Bishop

This past year has seen many disasters around the world and in the U.S. We view the situation of the poor in Tijuana as a constant disaster.  With your support and the care given by the Sisters at the Casa, may men and women are rehabilitated, move into the stream of productive society, and out of that state of disaster.

The families living in the Colonias/dumps cannot help where they were born and have scant control over their circumstances. The Sisters promote education for the children to help lift such families out of this downward spiral. It helps!  Because of you, the Sisters assist many studious children with the “scholarship” program. This consists of helping the students with bus money, uniforms, school supplies, and shoes, and enables many young boys and girls to remain in school.  Can you help “Adopt a Student” and support your student with a monthly gift?

Your generous donations make miracles possible in the lives of the poor

To alleviate hunger is itself a miracle for those who suffer such dire want. To help mitigate the cold nights in the Colonias, the Sisters request:

  • Blankets, socks, caps, tarps, and protein-based food

SPECIAL APPEAL IN ANTICIPATION OF CHRISTMAS — The Sisters pray that we collect enough money to provide a special CHRISTMAS BAG of food along with a blanket for 1500 of the most helpless families. The Sisters will attend the Masses at All Hallows Church, La Holla, on December 2 and 3 to meet with the people.  We need increased cash and food donations for the poor families who live in the dumps just 40 miles from our warm homes. In the Franciscan Spirit, Sister Armida believes with all of her heart that “GOD WILL PROVIDE” (through your generosity).

Your donations continue to make a difference

The physicians at the Clinic are grateful for your help which gives them the opportunity to serve the people most in need. Lab tests, x-rays, tomography, and ultrasound are available at the Clinic to facilitate their work to ensure that their patients receive excellent diagnosis and treatment.

THANK YOU for your contributions (48 donors) for a total of $13,488.42!  Your gifts were sent to the Casa to buy food and medical supplies for the thousands of grateful people who eat in the dining room (22,590 meals served in October), who come to the Bodega to receive bags of food, and who visit the Medical Clinic.  Thank you for all donated goods as well.  The Sisters and people pray for all of us every day. 

Contributions are tax-deductible with no overhead expenses (except minimal PayPal and credit card fees).  Donations benefit those who turn to the Casa for help.  Sister Armida and the Sisters express their gratitude for your continued help through the years as they celebrate 60 years of missionary work in Tijuana  Each day, the Sisters humbly thank GOD for HIS constant miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. GOD PROVIDES!


  • 22,590 people of all ages werer served hot meas in the Dining Room
  • Many people received handouts of food daily
  • 1,340 General Medical Clinic and prescriptions filled
  • 1,648 bags of groceries were given
  • 1,254 families obtained clothes and house supplies
  • 346 people personally attended in Social Service Office
  • Instituto Anahuac students came to serve the meals and other groups to do haircuts
  • 3 trips were made to deliver food to some neighborhoods
  • 24 Scholarship Aids were given