“We fulfill the demands of justice of providing for the poor.”















“Many, many thanks for the economic support that you have given to us during the months.  Thanks to this, we can obtain stability in the school environment and with regards to school expenses, and I know that not many others have the opportunity to be able to continue. You have given us great help that motivates us to continue forward. I hope this continues, as I also wish the same and hope to continue with a career.  God bless you with love.”  Mariana Q.  (graduated high school with a 9.3 GPA, equivalent to about a 3.7 or A-)

“God, I am Mario S., and I write this letter with the intention of thanksgiving for the blessings that You have given me.  Thank you for guiding me in the path of the Madres of Casa de los Pobres.  They have offered us the scholarship aid to support my studies to be able to continue in my studies, and keep me from wandering the streets.  For this, Lord, I am grateful to You and to Casa de los Pobres.  THANK YOU.”  (finished grade 8)

Can You Help Break the Cycle of Poverty with a Scholarship Aid?

School increases dignity in the children by giving them a proper education in the “3 Rs”, while the Sisters instruct them in the important Spiritual tenets of our Faith. Your donations enable the Sisters to help over 500 students with school supplies and other necessities.  Can you support a student with a monthly gift?

With the Scholarship Fund money, the Sisters find worthy students who truly desire to study and improve their life situation. These students discover vocation goals and work toward them. It is an exciting time of life for these dedicated children and they appreciate our help!


The old, infirm, and mentally ill have no means of support and comfort as do most of us in the U.S. The Sisters supply that support and comfort along with food. For the young or middle-aged, the Casa is a postiive transition haven until they find a job.  Independence is important.  Here’s what we need:

  • School supplies, childrens new shoes, childrens new socks
  • Staple foods:  beans, rice, flour, sugar, peanut butter, tuna
  • Vitamins
  • Basics like toilet paper, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo

PLEASE NO USED CLOTHING OR SHOES.  We cannot get these items across the border.

Thank You for Your Kindness

We sent $15,158.29 to our Franciscan Missionaries from 58 donors. San Rafael Parish in Rancho Bernardo contributed one full truck load of school supplies along with $2,500. St. Patrick’s in Carlsbad also donated a considerable amount of school supplies. Thank you for your gifts of bedding, school needs, and food. These donations brighten the lives of those who come to the Casa. The people thank God daily before breakfast for the special blessings that you make possible in their lives.

We continue to pick up the daily donations of bread, and deliver it to the families in poor colonies. We keep providing food for anyone that comes during the day asking for it.


We enjoy maintaining this humble place as best we can for the poor people that come here, that they may remember they are loved Children of God.  We thank you all for being part of this mission.