“Those who are generous are blessed, for they share their bread with the poor.”

Psalm 22:9 

Those whom the Casa serves are destitute. The people live in drafty shacks that are infested with rats and other critters.  They often experience the trauma of empty stomaches, cold nights, insecurity, and premature death.  The Sisters offer rays of light and hope to many men, women, and children through the services offered at the Casa de los Pobres. 

  • Truckloads of food and blankets are taken to the distant colonias periodically for those unable to make the long trip.  Traveling to the Casa is a long trip and is expensive with many bus transfers.

“We stuffed our little truck full of food early one morning and drove about 45 minutes to a remote colonia.  Smoke, dust, garbage everywhere, random collections of wood and scrap stacked together to pass for shelters.  Many side-by-side, all covered with black soot and white ash.  On the way to our distribution site was a cube the size of a small house with noxious black smoke and flames escaping from above.  This brown chimney was the community’s primeval kiln used to make bricks and served as the main source of income. It felt almost an insult to give to these poor so little:  a pint of rice and beans, six pieces of fruit, and possibly a chair.”  Nicholas Baylor, Novice SJ

The people living in the colonias outside the city are especially distressed due to our recent rains and extreme cold in the mornings and evenings.  They have difficulty getting to and from their homes because of deep ruts that make the mucky, juddy roads nearly impassable. 

  • The Casa is swamped with requests for extra FOOD and BLANKETS

Please keep the Sisters in your daily prayers. Prayer is an important part of this mission where God provides through us all.  If you can donate to help us, may God bless you for your goodness to his poor. 

How You Can Help!


  • Bedding, towels, personal and laundry soap
  • Beans, rice, peanut butter, tuna, canned milk, bottled water
  • Extra backyard fruit
  • Children’s vitamins, baby Tylenol, diapers, soap for babies and children
  • Fabric, thread, and yarn (the women make items they can sell)

Crossing the border into Tijuana is becoming much more difficult with the new administration in Mexico.  Well-off officials seem to have no idea what it means to be impoverished. 

Countless restrictions and regulations have been imposed upon the Sisters.  Food, blankets, household items, linens and toys all equire permits to cross the border in the truck.  Many hours are spent asking and waiting for those permits, and this part of the Sisters’ work is difficult and tedious.  Please pray for this situation.


Jesus says in the Gospel, “the poor you will always have with you.”  Many of these poor cannot help themselves because of sickness, deformity, or old age.  The Casa is their literal lifeline.  Some who come to the Casa need only a few months of temporary help, while others are totally dependent.  Those who come for help do not choose this life!  “There but for God go I.”

  • In February, 20,395 meals were served at the Casa.  That’s more than 728 meals a day!
  • In March, 23,800 meals were served — 767 per day.  

We have no overhead except minimal PayPal and credit card charges.  Everything you contribute goes directly to help the people.  The truck comes to 6432 Cardeno Drive, La Jolla 92037 every Tuesday to pick up your donations.

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