“Those who are generous are blessed, for they share their bread with the poor”

Psalm 22:9

“Alberto, 32 years old, and Cristina, 28, live in a suburban colony distant from the city of Tijuana. Their conditions of living are very poor. They have a boy 3 years old, and recently a baby girl was born premature. The father is a mason worker and earns very little to support the family. The newborn baby, Rosita, was in the incubator for a month, had intestinal surgery, then eye surgery.

“The couple came to the Casa in tears, telling their story. Because of the care for Rosita, both take turns to care for her, so the father cannot go to work. They are so desperate and sad. Alberto has been begging to have money for transportation to and from the hospital, trusting in Divine Providence so they can have something to eat. Now the baby is at home after the second eye surgery, and they need eye medication.

“Here at the Casa, we have provided for food and medicines, and the family comes to eat in the dining room. Alberto has worked some days in a temporary job. They are grateful to God for the Casa and feel relief with their heavy situation. They have hope that their baby girl will be fine with care and treatment.”

Can you help with BLANKETS and STAPLE FOOD items?

The people living in the colonias outside the city are especially distressed due to our recent rains and extreme cold in the mornings and evenings. The Casa is swamped with requests for extra FOOD and BLANKETS. The strugle of these people for the basic necessities of life is unrelenting.

Can you help? We need:

  • Blankets 
  • Staple foods: beans, rice, tuna, peanut butter
  • Children’s vitamins, baby Tylenol, non-prescription items for babies and children including diapers and soap

Food, blankets, household items, linens, and toys all require permits to cross the border in the truck. Many hours are spent asking and waiting for permits. This part of the Sisters’ work is difficult and tedious. They exhibit constant patience and love to everyone.

Thank you for doing God’s work to help His poor

Thank you for thinking beyond your own needs — to help those who cannot afford what they need to live. 

The people pray each day to thank God for the help your donations provide. Sixty families contributed $19,832.08 in February. This included a generous donation of $1500 from Kiwanis Club of La Jolla and an IRA check for $5000. A separate scholarship check for $1220 was also sent. The men, women, and children say THANK YOU! Thank you to those who gave blankets, bedding, and FOOD.

We have NO overhead, except minimal PayPal and credit card fees. Virtually everything you contribute goes directly to help the people. The truck comes to 6432 Cardeno Drive, La Jolla 92037 every Tuesday to pick up donations. You can leave your items at the front door.


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