“In the measure you give you shall receive, and more besides.”

Mark 5:24

What are the Greatest Needs?

Sister Armida says:  FOOD and MEDICINE are the greatest needs now.  casa-trucks-2Sick people line up at the Clinic while it is still dark and cold. The breakfast lines are very long. People begin arriving at 6:00 AM and circle around the sidewalks outside the Casa shivering in the cold while waiting for the doors to open.  The Casa is a place of refuge, spiritual solace, and friendship for the many men, women and children who come there.

WE THANK GOD for all who donated money to feed the hungry people, and for you who donated blankets, food, and warm clothing. We are grateful for the steady supply of blankets from the Scripps ER delivered by Ron. Your generosity for January was $15,436 from our monthly donors and this includes an anonymous donation of $1,000 from the San Diego Foundation. Three additional anonymous donations of $20,000, $4,000, and $2,300 were also received. Late Christmas giving was $1274.92.  Plus 350 new tarps were donated!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Continue reading