“Come, Distribute Your Wealth Freely, Give Generously to Those Who are in Need”

graduate-1“Earn for yourself the psalmist’s praise: ‘He gave freely to the poor; his righteousness will endure forever.'”  From St. Basil the Great on Charity

From Ma Del Carmen H.:  “I am grateful to all the persons that help Casa de los Pobres and to Casa de los Pobres because they can help us. Because with the scholarship aid, I can buy school supplies, the uniform and shoes. This helps us very much because this avoids the BULLY. My children have more time to listen and be attentive to the teacher instead of caring to cover their torn shoes and be thinking what are they going to buy at recess time. For all these I am sincerely grateful to all who make this possible, specially to God. I Thank You!”  

Can You Help?

The need for FOOD and the BASICS — all of the little things we take for granted — is always present.  We need:

  • Staple foods (tuna, peanut butter, beans, rice, sugar, flour)
  • Excess garden fruit that you might have
  • Toilet paper, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo


  • School supplies, backpacks, shoes, socks

chess-competitionThe Nuns encourage the children to better themselves through earnest study. Their parents truly understand the importance of school. The Sisters who teach classes in the Colonias of Santa Julia and The Railroad (the Dumps) report much progress; the children are eager to learn and apply themselves well. Many who have received scholarship aid are now nurses, lawyers, psychologists, and others who hold good jobs. These successful adults were destitute children when they came to the Casa some years ago.

There are learning jobs at the Casa: cooking, washing dishes, helping to package and distribute groceries on “Bodega Day”, assisting in the clothing room, or driving the truck. These people earn a bag of groceries (on Thursday), plus a small stipend for their work. In this way, they are able to maintain their families with a sense of dignity. The love, support, and training given by the Sisters builds confidence. Your donations accomplish this.

THANK YOU for your GENEROUS donations!

Thank you for donations of $12,331 from 49 families. We also thank The San Diego Foundation for a generous check of $1,000 (anonymous donor). Thank you for donations of bedding, clothing, miscellaneous items, and FOOD. And a special thank you to All Hallows Church for the many donated school supplies. YOUR financial donations keep the people who come to the Casa from hunger and help to support vital services in the Medical Clinic.

The Sisters serve a substantial dinner-like breakfast each morning and provide whatever extra food they have for lunch in the patio. The men, women, and children thank God daily before breakfast for the blessings that YOU make possible in their lives. They pray for you daily.

Tax receipts are available upon request. We have NO EXPENSES; all goes directly to serve the poor. AND NO ONE IS EVER TURNED AWAY AT THE CASA.



  • 21,200 people of all ages served hot meals in our Dining Room
  • 1,200 handouts
  • 1,130 General Medical Clinic and Specialist consultations and prescriptions filled
  • 3 trips to deliver food to some poor neighborhoods
  • 2,800 bags of groceries were given out
  • 1,320 families obtained clothes and house supplies
  • 400 people personally attended in Social Service Office
  • Home visits to families and sick people.
  • Different groups came to serve and others to do haircuts
  • 20 Scholarship aids