“Come, Distribute Your Wealth Freely, Give Generously to Those Who are in Need”

graduate-1“Earn for yourself the psalmist’s praise: ‘He gave freely to the poor; his righteousness will endure forever.'”  From St. Basil the Great on Charity

From Ma Del Carmen H.:  “I am grateful to all the persons that help Casa de los Pobres and to Casa de los Pobres because they can help us. Because with the scholarship aid, I can buy school supplies, the uniform and shoes. This helps us very much because this avoids the BULLY. My children have more time to listen and be attentive to the teacher instead of caring to cover their torn shoes and be thinking what are they going to buy at recess time. For all these I am sincerely grateful to all who make this possible, specially to God. I Thank You!”   Continue reading