“Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”

Matthew 26:40-41

“Araceli, age 19, did not get enough oxygen at birth and incurred brain damage which affects her speech and nervous system.  She needs help and medications for a lifetime. Her mother, Gloria, and older sister have always asked for help. When they arrived in Tijuana, they came to the Casa to ask for support with the medicines.  The Sisters arranged for them also to come to the Casa on Thursdays for weekly groceries.  Gloria praises God for having found this place for food and medicines for her daughter.  She strongly remarks that God’s good touches hearts who can help others in need.  When she is offered a job cleaning houses, she does it.”

The impoverished in Tijuana instinctively love and tenderly take care of their disabled family members.  But they need your help . . .

How you can help

SPECIAL APPEAL from Sister Armida:  all types of staple food items are requested.  These groceries are given to the people on Bodega Day and in emergency situations:

  • Beans, rice, tuna, canned milk, peanut butter, and oatmeal
  • Excess fruit, such as oranges, limes or lemons from your trees
  • Extra home-grown vegetables
  • We also need sheets, towels, and blankets

One of our generous donors purchases food and toiletries by watching for store specials and clipping coupons.  Every two to three weeks, she delivers over $300 worth of food!  What a vocation!

PLEASE NO WOMEN’S CLOTHING.  Unfortunately, we are unable to get these items across the border.  The people are truly grateful for your donations.

The Casa is a lifeline, thanks to you!

The men, women, and children who come to the Casa are weak, need medical care, food, and clothing.  They are overwhelmed with physical and mental ills.  The Sisters provide hope, courage, strength, and love to these people.

Many apply for food cards from the Social Service Office, because they have no food at home. These cards enable hundreds to come for Bodega Day each Thursday and receive a bag of donated groceries — the beans, rice, home-grown vegetables, and cans of food, that you provide, and maybe some day-old bread.  Food is uppermost in the minds of the poor. 

Feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, providing clothing and other necessities are the great works of mercy and are the heart of the Casa.  We thank you for your participation in these works of mercy by your donations and prayers. 

May 2018 Report

This month, we received 54 donations totaling $16,104.87.  Scholarships were provided to assist 24 eager students.  The Food Packaging Event at St. Brigid’s Parish on May 12 was very successful thanks to the dedicated work of Caroline Kelner, her volunteers, and Msgr. Steve Callahan.  We thank the local merchants who donated prizes for the raffle.  

  • 27,245 people of all ages were served hot meals in the Dining Room
  • Individual handouts of food and bread were given when needed
  • 1,350 General Medical Clinic and prescriptions filled
  • 2,060 bags of groceries were given
  • 1,560 families obtained clothes and house supplies
  • 430 people personally attended in the Social Service office
  • Groups came to do haircuts

We have Marian Prayers daily and crowned Our Blessed Mother Mary at the end of the month.