“Support the weak, be patient with all; seek to do what is good for each other and for all men.”

Thessalonians 5:14-15  3 scholarship recipients

Sister Armida writes about the children who receive help from the Casa: “Little students who may not have electricity to do their homework go out to sell candy, donuts, flowers, help make bricks, collect in the dumps, and often cry because they are hungry.”

“It is amazing how some of these children are able to get good grades and keep up in school, as the tendency is to leave the classroom and go out to work so young. Some mothers are handicapped, some grandparents are taking care of the children.  Many mothers are sick, or work cleanng houses or caring for the young children.”

“Under these painful circumstances, the children still have dreams. They want to be someone in the future, as they express in their thank you notes.”

“Some of them have climbed to the point of high school graduation. Others are trying to enter university, which is very difficult. Some look for a job to help support the family.”

“All through this course, they are very grateful for all they receive from the Casa by way of you kind benefactors.”

Your Donations Help Over 500 Students!

Student with New ShoesSchool increases dignity in the children by giving them a proper education in the “3 Rs,” while the Sisters instruct them in the important Spiritual tenets of our Faith. Your donations enable the Sisters to help over 500 students with school supplies and other necessities. With the Scholarship Fund money (from your Adopt a Student donations), the Sisters find worthy students who truly desire to study and improve their life situation. These students discover vocational goals and work toward them. It is an exciting time of life for these dedicated children and they appreciate our help!

Can You Help with School Supplies, New Shoes, and New Socks?


  • School supplies (book bags, notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, binders)
  • NEW shoes
  • NEW socks

There is always a need for staple food, vitamin pills and the basics — toilet paper, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo — the things we take for granted.

PLEASE NO USED CLOTHING OR SHOES.  It cannot be taken across the border.

Tax receipts are available upon request.  We have NO expenses, except minimal PayPal and credit card fees. Your donations go directly to the poor.

No one is every turned away. Please pray for these people, as they pray for us.


Thank you for your kindness this month. We sent $20,873.72 to our Franciscan Missionaries from 72 donors and $1,200 in Scholarship Aid. Thank you for your gifts of bedding, school supplies, and food. These donations brighten the lives of those who come to the Casa. The people thank God daily before breakfast for the special blessings that you make possible in their lives. We also sent $9,000 for needed repairs for the Casa.

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