Jesus is the Face of the Poor

2 kids with Christmas toysTHANK YOU FOR HEARING THE CRY OF THE POOR!  May God bless you for your generous donations to help those living in the slums of Tijuana during this holy season.

You made Christmas a time of JOY for our brothers and sisters in Christ who endure harsh poverty. Those who receive the Christmas gifts have nothing. They live in the dumps on windy hills, and have no running water. Electricity is scarce, delivered via extension cords strung from house to house. Men, women, and children suffer from malnutrition and lung diseases caused by the continual breathing of polluted burning garbage fumes.

women with blanketsYour generosity provided 1600 bags of special food and a new blanket for 1600 of these families.

The People Look Forward to the Christmas Distribution at the Casa

These 1600 families came via many bus lines or on foot from the hills and dumps to attend an early morning Mass. Some even arrived the night before and camped out in the street. 

A breakfast of cocoa and hot cinnamon buns was served to those waiting in the long Family at the Christmas Celebrationline to receive the gifts. Humble men and women stood in line for hours to receive a bag of beans, rice, oatmeal, sugar, tuna, canned milk, and a fresh chicken. The people were thrilled to also receive oranges and apples in their bag of gifts.

They were grateful to receive this food and the other gifts. The mission of the Casa is to glorify God through the works of mercy. The people did indeed glorify God and the Holy Family by their thankfulness and joy as they gratefully received their food, blankets, and a toy.

Women often express their joy with tears. Most of us have NO IDEA what it is like to live the way these people must live. Survive is a better word.

The patio was decorated for Christmas and a live manger scene was created by bringing two or three animals from the City of Mercy in Rosarito Beach.

Can You Help These Poorest of the Poor?

The Sisters will be delivering more blankets, food, some tarps, and toys to several outlying Colonias they help on a regular basis. The nights these last few weeks have been extremely cold. Now is a good time to give:

  • Tarps, extra blankets
  • Warm caps, socks, and mittens

The need is never-ending! WE NEED YOUR MONTHLY HELP through:

The impoverished men, women, and children who come to the Casa are truly grateful and feel your love and care. Without YOU, they would not celebrate such a Happy Christmas. Sister Armida relies on “God to Provide.” He surely does, through your open and loving hearts. 

Words cannot convey how much we appreciate your generous giving and love for our brothers and sisters in Tijuana who come to the Casa. 

The Franciscan Sisters have been serving the destitute in Tijuana since 1957 through their soup kitchen, bodega, roperia, medical clinic, and social service office. They reach thousands each week through their apostolate of LOVE — serving JESUS in the poor.

The Casa de los Pobres USA has NO overhead, except minimal fees from PayPal and credit card donations.


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