“Blessed are the poor; the kingdom of heaven is theirs.”

Luke 6:20

“Senora Virginia S., a widow of 52 years old, comes to Casa de los Pobres. For many years, she worked frying pork. The heat so affected her eyes, that she is totally blind. She never saw a specialist. Her youngest daughter Ruby is 14 years old and in the 7th grade. After school, she works in a grocery store and earns $3.00 US per day. After this, she prepares dinner for her mother and then does her homework. What worries Virginia is not having enough money to give her daughter Ruby food to eat and help her go to school. The house where they live is located at the railroad tracks invasion location, is made of wood, and doesn’t have electricity or running water. We are sending Virginia to see an eye specialist, and we are providing school aid for Ruby. They are very grateful!”

Special Appeal in Anticipation of Christmas

  • Monetary donations for the Christmas distribution of food
  • Protein-based food (tuna, peanut butter, beans)
  • Blankets, tarps
  • Socks, caps

The Sisters pray that we collect money to provide a special CHRISTMAS BAG of food and a blanket for 1500 of the most helpless families. The Sisters will attend the Masses at All Hallows Church on November 30 and December 1 to meet with the people. In the Franciscan Spirit, Sister Armida knows that “GOD WILL PROVIDE.”

With your support and the care given by the Sisters at the Casa, many men and women are rehabilitated, move into the stream of productive society, and out of a state of disaster. Your generous donations make miracles possible in the lives of the poor. To alleviate hunger is itself a miracle for those who suffer such dire want.  The families living in the colonias/dumps have little control over their circumstances. Our help is life-saving!

The physicians at the Clinic are grateful for your help, which gives them the opportunity to serve and heal the sick. Lab tests, x-rays, tomograpy and ultrasound are available at the Clinic to facilitate their work and ensure that patients receive excellent diagnosis and treatment.

Thank You for Your Contributions — You are Making a Difference!











In October, 69 donors blessed us with $20,389.56, plus $1200 for scholarships! We sent Sister an additional $9000 at the end of the month. Your gifts will buy food and medical supplies for the thousands of grateful people who eat in the dining room, come to the Bodega for bags of food, and who visit the Clinic. The Sisters and people pray for you every day. Prayer requests are placed on the altar of the Chapel. Please send your intentions to us.

Contributions are tax-deductible, and we have minimal overhead expenses (just PayPal and credit card fees). Caroline Kelner coordinates a Halloween candy collection that is distributed at Christmas. Please contact Carolyn at 858-761-7644 for details regarding the sorting party scheduled for November 24 at noon.

Sister Armida and the Sisters express their deep gratitude for your continued help all these years as they celebrate 62 years of missionary work in Tijuana. Each day, the Sisters humbly thank GOD and you for His miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes.


  • 21,200 people of all ages were served hot meals in the Dining Room
  • 1,440 General Medical Clinic and prescriptions filled
  • 2,110 bags of groceries were given
  • 1,540 families obtained clothes and house supplies
  • 410 people personally attended in the Social Service Office
  • Groups came to do haircuts
  • 32 Scholarship Aids given

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