“The just man is generous and gives.”

Psalm 37

“My wife and I lost the room where we used to live because the Maquila where we were Man wearing mask and blanketworking closed. Right now, we are living on the streets or in the parks. When we have some money, we pay for a shelter. I want to thank all the people who selflessly help us. Really, thank you very much. I really don’t know what would become of many of us, mainly all of the elderly like me.  I am 64 years old and lost my job 2 months ago, and my few savings ran out. Someone told me about this place, so I started coming 4 days ago.”

These stories are good examples of what your monthly donations provide. We thank God for YOU!

  • We sent Sister Armida $1520 in scholarship aid. Education definitely breaks the cycle of poverty. Several students are now attending university, and many younger pupils are excelling in school because of the scholarship assistance you furnish. Can you help with your monthly sponsorship?
  • Bhu Foods (bhufoods.com) in San Diego donated over 2,000 packages of organic protein bites! These nutritious supplement bars are pre-packaged and easy to distribute. They are a wonderful source of vitamins!


All types of staple food items are URGENTLY requested:

  • Rice, beans, tuna, canned milk, peanut butter, oatmeal
  • plus, CLEAN towels and blankets

The groceries are given to the people on Bodega Day and in emergency situations. NOW is one of these emergency situations, and supplemental food is given out daily.

One of our generous donors purchases food and toiletries by watching for store specials and clipping coupons. Every two to three weeks, she delivers over $300 worth of food! It is her vocation!

The covid-19 crisis brings more men, women, and children than ever to the Casa for help. These people are overwhelmed with physical and mental ills. No one is ever turned away, and all are given food, clothing, blankets, loving support, and anything else they need. Food is uppermost in the minds of the poor. Feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, providing blankets and other necessities are the great works of mercy and the heart of the Casa. 

We thank you for your participation in these works of mercy by your donations and prayers. And thanks be to God, the Casa has remained free of the coronavirus!

God is Good

From the Sisters: In His Divine providence, He has helped us to care for the people in need, for whom we serve individually packed morning meals. In the morning, the people line up at the gates of the Casa, guarding the distances and sanitary indications. We provide an average of 800 morning meals on weekdays and 450 on weekends. We also provide many handouts of bread and other items during the daytime. We have also provided countless face masks.

Every Thursday, 400 bags of food are distributed, as well as many others during the weekdays as people come to ask for food, when they are able to get here.

In the Clinic, 1185 patients have received medical attention and medications for different health reasons, and guidance of sanitary orders and special care for covid-19 positive tests, and x-rays. Some patients that stay at home receive medication treatment through kind delivery of family members or neighbors.

These are Tijuana’s Poorest of the Poor in Their Own Words

We have answered 150 requests in notes and letters from different people, whom we invited to voluntarily write about their present living circumstances and personal needs. We offer our grateful prayers for all friends and benefactors.

“I’m a street vendor. We are jobless, without food or money for rent.”

“I can’t walk to sell candy in the streets. My husband had a stroke. I am struggling to buy tortillas. Send us a blessing.”

“It’s not easy, but I love to come to Casa de los Pobres, because it makes my day happier.”

Men and new shoes“Tennis shoes are a blessing for me as I start working on Monday.”

“Today I am able to write some letters to ask you ‘Angels’ for a small bed. My husband is old, and we sleep in a sofa,”

“Thanks for existing, thanks to our Creator.”

“Thank you for all the help you have given us. May God bless you all!”

We have no overhead except minimal PayPal and credit card fees.



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