“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, for His love endures forever.”

Psalm 118

The virus situation in Tijuana is serious, and your extra donations are very much appreciated. Many men are out of work and are coming for the first time to ask for food, shoes, socks, underwear, and toiletry items. Thanks to several large donations, the Sisters are joyfully shopping at Costco in Tijuana to purchase the much-needed sneakers (at very good prices) and other items. Sister Armida and the Sisters are thrilled to provide such necessities for these men. You can imagine how they all must feel!  THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!

The Sisters, cooks, and helpers are working long hours to feed and care for all who come. Food must be specially-packaged, hand washing facilitated, mask distributed, and on and on. This is costly.

Can you help with a monetary donation in the month of August?

It’s also time to collect school supplies for the children. You can help break the cycle of poverty with your gifts of pens, pencils, crayons, notebooks, and bookbags.

Imagine if your biggest needs were shoes, a change of clothes, and some simple toiletries . . .

“I thank God for being alive in such difficult times, and I also thank God for the help you give us here at the Casa de los Pobres. I lost my job three months ago, and I’m very grateful to God and to all of you. I especially need tennis shoes and a change of clothes. Thanks and blessings.” Mario

“May God keep blessing this place and the life of each one of you and the donors for being an example of goodness. My need is a pair of tennis shoes. The ones I have are already broken and due to the pandemic, the work has decreased and it has affected us a lot. I also need a hygiene kit. Thanks. God bless you.”  Jose

“First of all, I give thanks to God that this organization exists. It’s a big help to our most vulnerable community. Thanks to Casa de los Pobres for supporting us in this mission of God in the world. May God keep providing for you always. I would love to have a hygiene kit, t-shirt, and if possible, a pair of tennis shoes. The ones I have are a little big and I have blisters in my heel. I appreciate your support. God bless you.” Monny

“Thank God, thanks to all the benefactors and all the people who support Casa so we can all have a meal here. May God help this beautiful labor, there are no words to thank you enough for what you’re doing. My request is to ask for food for my mother since she depends on me. And if possible, a pair of tennis shoes. I would really appreciate. God bless you.” Juan

Sadly, many of these men who’ve come to the Casa for the first time are now homeless.

Thank you for providing food and life-saving help for the poor!

Your generous gifts are acknowledged each day in the outdoor eating area, where Meals of Beans in Bowlshungry men, women, and children thank God for you and the food you supply. Seventy-one families/individuals contributed $30,236.10 for food and operating expenses and $1520 for scholarship help during the month of June. Blu-Foods gave another huge donation of over 2000 bags of Keto Bites. We received five boxes of face masks from Relief Crafters of America. Thank you! The people and Sisters bow their heads in gratitude.

Bags of food from the Bodega are distributed each Thursday. This is a continual need for nonperishable food and bedding. Everything donated is tax-deductible, and tax receipts are available upon request.

We have no overhead except for minimal PayPal and credit card fees. All goes directly to the poor.


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