“Those who are generous are blessed, for they share their bread with the poor.”

Psalm 22:9

Family of Mayra

“The following story is about Mayra, the mother of 2 of the students in the Scholarship Aide (Adopt a Student) program. Dearikson and Jeoffrey are in elementary and secondary grades.  Mayra is 36 years old. For the last 4 months, she has come with intense headaches, and analgesic treatments weren’t working for her. It was decided to have an MRI which revealed a pituitary tumor and hemorrhage, for which she is rceiving medical treatment to next evaluate about surgical care.

“She and her 4 children live in a half-open under-garage space, lent to them to keep them safe. But it provides almost no protection from rain and windy weather. Mayra is so sick and thin, but tries to work cleaning houses. There is no father in the family. These children are trying to do their school homework, although they have so little resources.

“But they are happy in spite of the humid and ugly space where they are living, and the countless stairs to go in and out. They are grateful for this provisional space as the mother has no money to pay rent. We have many saints in our world.

“Thank you for all your loving care and understanding of these little ones, of very poor families. Both of these Scholarship students attain outstanding grades in their classes in spite of the deplorable conditions in which they live!”

How you can help to break the cycle of poverty?

Your support for academics is extremely important and provides much needed incentive to the children. They are all so motivated to learn!

  • Can you Adopt a Student to help one more child break the cycle of poverty? 

The people living in the colonias outside the city of Tijuana, Mexico are especially distressed due to our recent extreme cold in the mornings and evenings. The Casa is swamped with requests for:

  • STAPLE FOOD ITEMS (beans, rice, tuna, peanut butter)

Some people are still campaign out on the sidewalk outside the Casa the night before to get a better spot in line when breakfast is serves. Everyone is always served, but women, children, and the disabled come first. Second and third servings are always available. For some, this is their only meal of the day!

The struggle of these people for the basic necessities of life is unrelenting. There is also a need for:

  • Children’s socks, children’s vitamins, baby Tylenol, and non-prescription items for babies and children are needed
  • Diapers, soap


People at the CasaThe people pray each day to thank God for the help your donations provide. 76 families contributed $33,864 in February. A separate Scholarship check for $1,520 was also sent. The men, women, and childrn say THANK YOU! Thank you to those who gave blankets, bedding, and FOOD, along with other necessities to help alleviate th needs of the destitute in Tijuana.

We have NO overhead, just minimal fees from PayPal and credit card donations. Virtually everything you contribute goes directly to help the people. The Casa truck comes to 6432 Cardeno Drive, La Jolla 92037 every Tuesday to pick up donations. (You can leave your donations at the door at other times.)


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