“Yes, Christ my hope is arisen!” Happy Easter!

Man eating at the CasaJesus says in the Gospel, “The poor you will always have with you.” Many of these poor cannot help themselves because of sickness, deformity, or old age. The Casa is their lifeline. Some who come to the Casa need only a few months of temporary help, while others are totally dependent. Those who come for help did not choose this life! “There but for God go I.”

Myra and her children wrote to say, “thank you” for the donations of food! The family is very grateful!

Alberto writes, “I am grateful for all the help that you have provided to me and wish a favor: for five years, I have HIV and two years ago, I stopped taking medication. I ask for help since I do not have a job, cannot get to appointments because of no money for the bus. I want to restart with medication before it is too late. Please also can you help me with a change of clothes and tennis shoes. Many thanks.”

And so it goes . . . endless requests and needs. Sister Armida says, “We are struggling very much to keep services going. Prayer is our strength and it keeps our faith deeper in God who provides for us all.”

How you can help in May

Here are the greatest needs:

  • Staple food items (tuna, peanut butter, beans, rice, flour, sugar, powdered milk)
  • Bedding, towels, personal and laundry soap
  • Bottled water

Person wrapped in blanketThe need for food is great. Because of rampant unemployment (jobs are scarce), many more men come to the Casa to eat. 

Women appreciate your donations of:

  • Fabric, thread, and yarn to make items they can sell (Thank you to San Rafael Parish!)

The Sisters always encourage people to help themselves. PLEASE KEEP THE SISTERS IN YOUR DAILY PRAYERS.

Crossing the border into Tijuana from San Diego is more difficult because of the COVID virus. In addition, well-off officials seem to have no idea what it means to be so poor. Countless restrictions and regulations are imposed upon the Sisters. Please pray for this situation.

The Sisters treat every man, woman, and child with dignity, and furnish them with work that enhances self-worth. The jobs they provide are for the “volunteers.” These men and women work very hard at the Casa – cooking in the kitchen, cleaning up, driving the trucks, sorting clothing, and many other tasks. They are paid small wages and a weekly bag of food for their labor. This helps to sustain their families and maintain respect because they have a real job.

Thank you for your generous support!

Sister helping men with new shoesThis month, your regular donations from 80 families/individuals provided $20,258.72 for the needs of the poor who come to the Casa seeking food, clothing, and medical care. A separate scholarship check for $1520 was sent. Thank you Sra. Claudia Martinez and the students from The Nativity School in Rancho Santa Fe who provided 60 special Easter boxes containing socks, school supplies, and a protein bar. They also bought numerous pairs of shoes for the Casa children!  Thank you, thank you!

PRAYER IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF THIS MISSION WHERE GOD PROVIDES THROUGH US ALL. We have no overhead, just minimal fees for PayPal and credit card donations. Everything you donate goes to serve the poor.

March Report

  • 22,575 people received handouts of food
  • 1,150 general medical clinic and prescriptions filled
  • 2,400 bags of groceries were given
  • 600 people personally attended to in the Social Services Office
  • 28 Scholarship Aids were given


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