“The whole law is summed up in love.”

Romans 13:10

Mother and 3 children“I am making a request for help. I am a working person. I need to initiate my own business of tamales to be able to support my children, boys 2, 5, and 8 years old, and a 12-year-old daughter. I know how to work, but I need money to start. I will be grateful if you can help me with 2000 pesos (about $100 US). I am a single mother, and this is my urgent need. A thousand thanks. God bless you for always helping those most in need.” Alicia H.

“I am a musical person, but with the pandemic, I lost my job. I was in great necessity to look for another job and had to sell my musical instruments. Now I sell small articles in the public market; it is sad to change way ot life, to have nothing, no family, no home. My children, my parents in the State of Puebla, I miss them very much, but I have no contact with them. I try to save a little. I need a tarp to keep selling things and hope with a musical instrument, I can play music with a friend in a cafe, so I can work and soon be able to see my family. I am grateful with my heart for an input to my life anew.” Liam O.

The need for the poor is to work, feel necessary and useful, and to contribute to society.

How You Can Help

This month, Sister Armida requests:

  • Warm sweaters in good condition for men and babies
  • Towels, blankets

The truck comes to 6432 Cardeno Drive, La Jolla 92037 every Tuesday.

The Needs of the Poor Are Never-Ending

Sister Armida writes, “We are fine here, thanks be to God. We pray and Bless our LordSister with 2 girls for His mercy and ask Him to wrap everyone suffering in the Palm of His Hand and eternal rest to the souls who have died during this pandemic.”

Serving the poor takes tremendous spiritual and physical deducation and stamina. The Sisters and the helpers work day and into the night to provide a safe environment for the thousands of hungry people who come to the Casa for food, medical attention, and solice. Indeed, many more continue to come!

Meals are served in special containers, the workers wear gloves and masks, and observe all safety precautions. Those who come for food wash their hands and are taught sanitary procedures. The Clinic is open, and there have been no cases of the virus at the Casa. Special celebrations, which the people love because it brings them together, must wait for this plague to end. It is sad.

Thank You — and Be Sure to Pray for the Sisters and the People of the Casa

Your generosity this month provided $26,259.06 from 75 donors! Several of these gifts were large: a $4,000 gift from Sacred Heart Church in Coronado and $3,752.43 from Mission San Luis Rey. We sent $1,320 for scholarships and appreciate the donations of food and blankets.

Sister Armida says, “We and the people are very grateful for all that you do to help the Casa, and we ask you for daily prayers for us, so that we may have strength to serve the people and give glory to God.”

Everything you donate is used immediately. All goes directly to serve the needs of the people. We have zero overhead, and just pay minimal fees from PayPal and credit card donations. Tax receipts are available upon request.


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