“Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.” Matthew 5:7

Group of children with school supplies

Every day, the Casa helps so many in desperate need, like Maria Teresa S .  . .

“I am 71 years old, widow, suffer heart deficiency, live in one room rented in a very poor zone, without the basic public services, and pay $1,200 pesos (about $63 U.S.) monthly.”

She has two sons who cannot help her because they have family and low incomes. She is taking care of 5 grandchildren, from 7 to 15 years old, since they were little. Their father died 5 years ago, and the mother of these children is in jail since 7 years ago. This grandmother is very concerned because she cannot offer or give a better life to them. She does not have a stable job, she is worried about their education, she tells her story in tears. One of the boys, Jose, has severe malnutrition health problems, is not growing well physically. 

The Casa has offered medical care immediately, scholarship aid and school supplies for the other children, a card for weekly groceries, shoes for all of them. We have asked her to come for any other urgent need she has with the hope that we can keep giving supporting aid to this very sad grandmother, and she may experience a relief as she said thank you. Wiping away her tears, she turned and smiled and said she will come back.

Your donations change lives!

Two women holding food and blanket

“This is my first visit here, I live far. In my situation, so difficult with poverty. But God is always with us.”  Rosa O.

“I know you are persons with great hearts, may God bless you.”  Alicia R.

Winter help is needed!

Direct donations of food have declined recently, yet they are so necessary. With winter approaching, there is a need for:

  • Many more 8′ x 10′ and 10′ x 12′ tarps to keep the makeshift dwellings dry and a big warmer.
  • Staple foods: oatmeal, canned milk, cereals, tomato sauce, canned tuna fish and spam, peanut butter and jelly, pancake mix, and macaroni for salad.
  • Men’s socks
  • Cloth towels in any size

Christmas is around the corner, so please look for sales for simple toys for the children.

Your donations may be dropped off at 6432 Cardeno Drive, La Jolla (you can leave your donations at the front door). They are taken to Tijuana weekly. The families living in the Colonias/dumps suffer greatly during the winter months and often become sick.

May God bless you for your goodness

Thank you for your contributions! Your gifts buy food and medical supplies for hundreds of families who eat in the Casa’s patio area, and who come to the Bodega for bags of food and to visit the Clinic. The Sisters and people pray for you every day. 

Sister Armida and the Sisters express their deep gratitude for your continued help all these years as they celebrate 65 years of missionary work in Tijuana. Each day, the Sisters humbly thank God and YOU for His miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes.


  • 19,280 people received a meal (refugees included) — that’s more than 900  meals per day (Monday through Friday).
  • 700 general medical clinic and prescriptions filled
  • 1,930 bags of groceries were given
  • 810 people personally attended in Social Service office (includes people who received blankets, hygiene supplies, shoes, and new clothing)
  • 40 Scholarship Aids (Can you help by adopting a student?)
  • 3 trips to deliver food and blankets

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