Jesus is the Face of the Poor

Give the Most Valuable Gift You Can Give this Christmas — the Gift of a Donation to the Poor

“Laura and her husband Marcial and their four children live in a very poor and distant  holiday-scene
colony. The father has a leg prosthesis as the result of a serious accident. In this colony, many of the poor work at making mud bricks. Marcial makes bricks. The ‘factory’ is the size of a small house. Noxious black smoke and flames continually billow from the chimney. This kiln serves as Marcial’s main source of income. They do not own the land upon which they live and are at risk to be thrown out of their little shack anytime. Marcial earns little from this job and has no work if the bricks do not sell.”  
This family periodically receives food, clothes, and school supplies from the Casa and are deeply grateful.  These are the people of the Casa that your generous donations help to survive — and they need your help this Christmas. Continue reading