Jesus is the Face of the Poor

Give the Most Valuable Gift You Can Give this Christmas — the Gift of a Donation to the Poor

“Laura and her husband Marcial and their four children live in a very poor and distant  holiday-scene
colony. The father has a leg prosthesis as the result of a serious accident. In this colony, many of the poor work at making mud bricks. Marcial makes bricks. The ‘factory’ is the size of a small house. Noxious black smoke and flames continually billow from the chimney. This kiln serves as Marcial’s main source of income. They do not own the land upon which they live and are at risk to be thrown out of their little shack anytime. Marcial earns little from this job and has no work if the bricks do not sell.”  
This family periodically receives food, clothes, and school supplies from the Casa and are deeply grateful.  These are the people of the Casa that your generous donations help to survive — and they need your help this Christmas.

Christmas at the Casa on December 22 — Help the Casa Help 1300 of the Poorest Families!

Those who receive the Christmas gifts are the most deprived. They live in the dumps on the windy hills of Tijuana, Mexico.  They have no running water and electricity is scarce. Men, women and children suffer from malnutrition and various lung diseases caused by winds and the continual breathing of polluted burning garbage fumes. Imagine what it’s like to live in these conditions every day. Let us help them!

holiday-wishYour Christmas donations will help to provide one special bag of groceries for 1300 of the poorest families — with the precious gift of a blanket.  This year, the ladies of All Hallows stitched 162 pretty quilts for babies and special-needs people. The impoverished men, women and children who come to the Casa are truly grateful and feel your love and care. Without YOU, they would not celebrate such a Happy Christmas.  Sister Armida relies on “God to Provide”.  HE surely does — through your open, giving, and loving hearts.

To donate to the Casa, use your credit card online or

send your check to Casa de Los Pobres USA, c/o Pat Erzinger, 6432 Cardeno Drive, La Jolla, CA  92037.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUING SUPPORT DURING ADVENT.  Please pray for the people and the Sisters.

Everything is tax-deductible, and receipts are available upon request.  We have NO overhead. 

God Bless You for Your Generous Donations During this Holy Season

As of December 3, we have received $9740 from our special Christmas letter appeal (sentnovember-report  to all who contributed last year) and $2551 from the All Hallows special collection on November 30 and December 1.  We are grateful to Fr. Jerry O’Donnell at All Hallows who warmly supports the Casa.

Our regular monthly donors sent us $22,206.62. We received a $5,000 donation from the House Family and a $1,000 anonymous donation from the San Diego Foundation.  And we received a special donation of $7,300 from a private family foundation. The people of the Casa and the Sisters pray every day for your intentions.  Your special prayer requests are WELCOME and are placed upon the altar of the Chapel.  Please send them to us in the Comments below.

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If you’d like to stay informed of the many needs of the Casa each month, please call Pat 858-551-9245 or Jackie at 858-412-5544 to get on the Casa’s postal mailing list.  WE NEED YOUR MONTHLY HELP — and please spread the word about the Casa and its works!