“To live charitably means not looking out for our own interests . . .

” . . . but carrying the burdens of the weakest and poorest among us.” Pope Francis, Pontifex, 11/25/13

“Mrs. Isabel B. has been separated from her husband for two years. He left when she
was pregnant with their 4th child because she refused to have an abortion. She works very hard to support the family:  sons 15, 9, 2, and a daughter 11. They go to school. She takes the little one and goes to clean houses.”

“She worries because she does not have enough to feed them and also send them to school. She is thinking, with tears in her eyes, between two options . . . to have the oldest leave the 9th grade, so he can work or give in adoption the little one. The children are earning good grades in school. The children receive help and food from the Casa and milk for the little one. The three older ones have received catechetical instructions here in the Casa and received Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation.”  These are the heartbreaking challenges of the people of the Casa de Los Pobres.

Thank you for your kindness this month!

To the Casa this month, we sent:

  • $20,146.55 from 50 donors
  • Two packed truckloads of backpacks and school supplies, donated from San Rafael Parish in Rancho Bernardo (and they were gratefully received by eager students)
  • $7,500, a very generous donation from the stewardship parish of St Mary Magdalene where Fr. Steve McCall is pastor.
  • $1,000 from an anonymous donor through the San Diego Foundation
  • Bedding, school supplies, food, and miscellaneous items

Much to be thankful for from so many giving people. Your donations brighten the lives of those who come to the Casa. They thank God daily before breakfast for the special blessings that YOU make possible in their lives.

Over 500 children are making a better future for themselves — with your help

By feeding the hungry, the Nuns are not promoting the status quo. The old and infirmed have no other means of food, comfort, and support as we do in the U.S. via Social Security, SDI, various charitable agencies, food banks, etc. For those younger and of middle age, the Casa is a transition haven until they find a job.

School increases dignity in the young children by giving them a proper education in the “3 R’s,” while the Sisters instruct them in the important tenets of our Faith. The Nuns (via your donations) help and assist over 500 students.

How you can help this month


  • School supplies
  • Shoes and socks for children
  • Toilet paper, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo

Unfortunately, we cannot accept women’s clothing. Taking used clothing across the border is almost impossible currently.

100% of your donation goes to the Casa in Tijuana

Tax receipts are available upon request.  We have NO EXPENSES;  all you donate goes directly to serve the poor. NO ONE IS EVER TURNED AWAY AT THE CASA.  PLEASE PRAY FOR THESE PEOPLE.

May God bless you for your faithful generosity to our brothers and sisters in need

August maintenance report from Sister Armida and the Sisters

nuns (2)During the month of August, we have been doing our ordinary summer maintenance of the areas in need of repairs.  Two roofs were replaced, two other roofs were repaired.  Painting, fumigation, cleaning of the water reservoir, floor waxing, and other maintenance was done.

We also collected school supplies for the children from San Rafael parish, All Hallows parish, and Mora family. Agape group provided also for this purpose and for the purchase of school shoes for children. It is an enormous blessing.

All trips were made for the collection of the donations of bread, and it was distributed here in the Casa and shared for the good of the people in other colonias.

Doctors and clinic personnel and all volunteers had some time for vacations and to be with their families. Some of our Sisters had time for Spiritual Retreat and visit to our families. We are grateful to God for so many wonderful blessings, and we pray for all our friends and benefactors and donors of food and school supplies. May God bless and reward you all abundantly.”