” . . . whoever is kind to the needy honors God.”

“He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.”  Proverbs 14:31


The People of the Casa Thank You — in Their Own Words (Translated)

Hola, my name is David. I am 13 years old. Through this note, I present to you my most heart-felt gratitude for the help you offer us, the school supplies. You are angels announcing from heaven that have helped us in our scholarly future. Thank you!! God bless you.

Thank you for the support you have offered us. I am grateful with all my heart. Let us pray that Diosito (God in a miniature loving expression) gives you health and that you do not lack work. Sincerely, Marivel.

“In the best cordial way, receive my greetings from my son Julio Antonio, and mine with gratitude for your support in these moments, for me are of great value. Blessings to all of you benefactors for today and always, for being so generous with us. GOD BLESS YOU forever, each one of you and your families and this place. Casa de los Pobres always gathers and helps many, many persons with great need. From my heart, MUCHAS GRACIAS, Juana.”

How You Can Help This Month

Especially needed now:

  • Warm sweaters, jackets, socks, blankets

As nights get colder, the warmth that food provides becomes critical for those in poor health.

Generous and faithful donations to the Casa Mission this month provided 50 donations of $12,406 and a generous donation of $1,000 from the San Diego Foundation’s anonymous fund. Thanks also for the contributions of warm bedding, food and medical supplies.  Thank you to Ron Lussier for the blankets he collects regularly from Scripps ER. The school children are grateful for the supplies they received from San Rafael and All Hallows parishes last month. Education is the ONLY way out of poverty for these people.


  • 24,155 persons of all ages were served hot meals in our Dining Room
  • 1,525 General Medical Clinic and prescriptions filled
  • 2,640 bags of groceries were given
  • 1,465 families obtained clothes and house supplies
  • 270 people personally attended in Social Service office
  • Groups came to do haircuts
  • 20 Scholarship aids
  • 3 trips to deliver food to some neighborhoods
  • 500 children received backpacks and school supplies
  • 400 children received shoes

“How good is the Lord to all.”  Psalm 144