“Give us this day our daily bread.”

“My name is Jose.  I am 14 years old and have been diagnosed with infantile cerebral  

The children of the Casa are grateful for school supplies and shoes.

The children of the Casa are grateful for school supplies and shoes.

paralysis. I also have a cleft lip. I never met my dad, only met my mother Ramona who passed away a year ago in Tijuana.  She had cancer. I have a few brothers and sisters, but all are poor, and all of them have their own family.

That is why my mother brought me here to the Casa where all the Sisters love me, feed me, give me clothes, and put me in a special school. This school charges 350 pesos a week (about $28 U.S. dollars). Here they teach me a better language, help my behavior, and also give me food. My sister works in a market. She has her own children and her pay is too low to help with my school. This is the reason that I came here to the Casa asking for help, so they can help with my school because studying makes me happy.”

Special Appeal in Anticipation of Christmas

The Sisters pray that we collect enough money to provide a special CHRISTMAS BAGback to school girl of food along with a blanket for 1300 of the most helpless families. The Sisters will attend the Masses at All Hallows Church in La Jolla on November 29 and 30 to meet with the people.

WE NEED INCREASED CASH DONATIONS AND FOOD . . . for the poor families who live at the dumps just 40 miles from our warm homes.


This past year has seen tremendous turmoil around the world. We view the situation of the poor in Tijuana as continuing turmoil. With your support and the care given by the Sisters at the Casa, many able-bodied men and women are rehabilitated and able to move into the stream of productive society. Your generous donations make miracles possible in the lives of the poor. To alleviate hunger is a miracle for those who suffer such dire want.

back to school shoes girlContributions are tax-deductible, we have NO OVERHEAD EXPENSES, donations go immediately to help the impoverished who turn to the Casa for help. Tax receipts are available upon request. We accept Stock contributions as well as electronic donations online.

Questions?  Please call Pat at 858-551-9245, Jackie 858-412-5544 or Caroline at 858-273-5545.


This includes a very generous $7500 donation from a family in Coronado. Your monetaryback to school 3 boys gifts were sent to the Casa to buy food and medical supplies for the thousands of grateful people who eat in the dining room and visit the Medical Clinic. The Sisters and people pray regularly for your special prayer requests placed on the alter of the Chapel. Please send them to us.

Sister Armida and the Sisters wish to express their gratitude for your continued help through the years as they celebrate 58 years of missionary work in Tijuana. Each day, the Sisters humbly thank GOD for HIS constant miracle of the multiplication of bread and fishes. GOD PROVIDES!


  • 30,270 hot meals served in our Dining Room
  • 1585 General Medical Clinic and prescriptions filled
  • 3,000 bags of groceries were given
  • 1375 families obtained clothes and house supplies
  • 330 people personally attended in Social Service Office
  • Groups came to do haircuts
  • 20 Scholarship Aids given