“A Christian is not his own master; his time is God’s.”

St. Ignatius of Antioch

man carrying g“I am Jesus, I am 67 and homeless. After losing my job and money due to COVID-19, I went to Casa de los Pobres asking for help with deep appreciation for all the mercy I have found. I kindly asked for a pair of tennis shoes, pants, shirt, underwear, and socks. At the same time, I want to thank those who provide all these blessings and the hands of the volunteers who made possible the delivery of these gifts to us, the most vulnerable people of our society. For your help and understanding, thanks!”

Multiply this story many times. These suddenly out-of-work men have discovered the Casa and ask for more than the Sisters are able to provide. But an unexpected bequest has permitted the Sisters to buy some tennis shoes, socks, and underwear at Costco in Tijuana temporarily.

Special Requests for August

  • School supplies
  • Children’s new shoes and socks

Study is encouraged and parents understand the importance of school. “Education 3 childrenopens doors.” It truly does. The nuns see this. Sisters who teach catechism classes in the Colonias of Santa Julia and the Railroad dumps report excellent progress, with all children eager to learn. Faith is important to them, and it instills many important life lessons. Perhaps poverty teaches authentic dependence on God and hence a stronger Faith? Jesus was poor. Those who receive scholarship aid are very serious and competitive, as they continue to improve in school. The Sisters notice positive changes now that more scholarships are available. Formerly destitute children will eventually become successful adults and able to help their families.

Can you help sponsor a student each month?

The need for FOOD and the BASICS (toilet paper, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo) — the little things we take for granted — is every present. The Casa will remain open during August this year, with somewhat limited services. The Sisters served 28,600 meals in July!

The Casa Helps Train People for Other Jobs

There are many practical “learning” jobs at the Casa itself: cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, helping to package and distribute groceries on “Bodega Day,”assisting in the clothing room, or driiving the truck. These men and women earn a bag of groceries (on Thursday), plus a small stipend for their work. In this way, they are able to maintain their families with a sense of dignity. The love, support, and training given by the Sisters promotes confidence. Your donations accomplish all of these great works.

The Sisters serve a substantial breakfast each morning in the patio area and provide extra food for lunch. The men, women, and children thank God daily before breakfast for the blessings that YOU make possible in their lives. They pray for us daily. 

Thank You for Helping, Especially in These Difficult Times

We thank 70 families for generous donations of $36,434.19 for food and maintenance, $1500 for scholarship aid, and a special $5000 for COVID-19 preventative care needs from Roher Corp. Thank you also for food, bedding, and lots of kitchen eqipment. Special thanks to St. Patrick’s Church in Carlsbad for food and blankets. Your financial donations keep the people who come to the Casa from hunger and help support vital services in the Medical Clinic. Thank you one and all!

Tax receipts are available upon request. We have NO expenses, except for minimal PayPal and credit card fees.



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