“Blessed are the lowly, they shall inherit the land.” Matthew 5:4

woman with food

Alejandra L. writes,”I came from the state of Oaxaca. I am a single mother, and I come to ask for help, please as I am living with a cousin temporarily and looking for work. Sorry to ask you for rent, my children need shoes and clothes, one girl and two boys. Thank you for any help you can provide to me.

From Jose R: “I am and stay where God the Father permits me. I need a blanket. I can possibly get a job as guardian, but I need proper clothes and a jacket. If I can have some help to pay a rent, and I will put all my energy of life to live as it is so sad to be on the streets. I accept all you can offer me and may God reward you and give you more.


Can you make a Christmas donation to help? The Sisters pray that we collect money to provide a special CHRISTMAS BAG of food

man with blanket

and blankets for 1500 of the most helpless families. True to the Franciscan spirit, Sister Armida knows that “GOD WILL PROVIDE.” HE IS NEAR.

To help with cold nights, the Sisters request:

  • Blankets
  • Socks, Caps
  • Tarps
  • Protein-based food and vitamins

The families living in the Colonias/dumps suffer greatly from the cold and wind during the winter months and often become sick. Hundreds of families come daily for a substantial breakfast, and on Thursday, to the Bodega (pantry) for bags of food which help to sustain them for several days.

The Medical Clinic treats many patients throughout the week. The physicians at the Clinic are grateful for your help, which gives them the opportunity to serve and heal the sick. Lab tests, x-rays, tomography, and ultrasound are available at the Clinic to facilitate their work and ensure that their patients receive efficient diagnosis and treatment.


  • The Casa serves over 21,000 meals a month!

man with food traysWith your continued support and the compassionate care given by the Sisters at the Casa, men and women are rehabilitated, move into the stream of productive society, and out of a state of near disaster. Your generous donations truly make miracles possible in the lives of the poor. To alleviate hunger is itself a miracle for those who suffer such want. 

Sister Armida and the Sisters express their deep gratitude for your continued help all these years as they celebrate 64 years of missionary work in Tijuana. Each day, the Sisters and the people humbly thank GOD and YOU for His miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes.

Contributions are tax-deductible. We have no overhead expenses, other than minimal fees from PalPal and credit card donations.

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