“A Human Being’s True Glory is to Persevere in the Service of God.”

(Quote from St. Irenaeus)

Those whom the Casa serves are destitute, not merely poor. These people live in shacksMother + 3 Kids that are often rodent-infested. They experience the torture of empty stomaches, cold nights, crawling vermin, insecurity, gnawing idleness, and premature death.  (Read about visits to the colonias and the conditions there.) The Sisters offer rays of light to many of these men, women, and children.

Rosalinda, 36, came to the Casa in great turmoil. She had run away from her husband because he brutally beat her and used drugs. Her two little boys are 4 and 6. She is desperate for a job to support them, and meanwhile, makes and sells burritos outside her son’s school. She needs help with food, clothing, medical care, and school supplies for which the Casa has been a God-send. She no longer feels abandoned and is “grateful from her heart because the Casa opened its doors to me and my little boys with a shower of great love.” Continue reading